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Quick answers to Talkia Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Talkia?

A: Talkia is software that can be used to convert any text to a life-like-sounding voiceover for videos, ads, audiobooks, and more. Please check our website for more information here:

Q: Is Talkia for any business?

A: Yes! Talkia can be used by any and all businesses. It doesn’t even matter what you’re selling!

Q: Will Talkia work on Mac?

A: Yes! Talkia works on both Mac operating systems and Windows.

Q: Are the any limitations or restrictions?

A: Just one - you must have Internet access to use Talkia.

Q: Does Talkia offer cloud storage?

A: Yes! All of your voiceovers are stored in Talkia’s cloud, so you can easily access them through the application. 

Q: Are there kids’ voices available?

A: Yes! Talkia offers youth’ voices too! This makes it easy for you to create marketing or educational videos geared toward a younger audience!

Q: Is there a mobile or tablet version for Talkia?

A: At this time, we do not have an app for Talkia yet however, it's on the "road map" for us. It only supports PC and Mac at this time.

We've been focusing on making the desktop amazing first then we'll start diving into mobile in the future.

Q: How many voice files can we create per month?

A: There is no limitation and you can create as many voice files as needed.

Q: Can I customize the speaking rate?

A: Yes! For complex topics, a slower rate of speech works best, whereas a faster voice is great for creating a sense of urgency. Fortunately, Talkia lets you slow down your voiceover--or speed it up--by as much as 4X! Learn more here.

Q: Can I add background music/audio?

A: Yes, you can! That’s just one reason you’ll love Talkia, the only text-to-speech software that allows you to select from dozens of background music tracks, adding one seamlessly “behind” your voiceover. Learn more here. 

Q: Does the speech sound fluent and natural?

A: Yes! Talkia relies on WaveNet technology, which has been described as being “the biggest breakthrough in artificial voice generation in more than two decades.”


Rather than stringing syllables together, WaveNet uses a set of complex rules to determine how each soundwave should be formed, so:

  • Syllables are emphasized correctly

  • Pauses for breath occur naturally

  • Tones mimic normal speech

As a result, Wavenet is the closest to the human speech of all the technologies on the market today.   

Q: Does Talkia come with step-by-step instructions?

A: Talkia is unbelievably easy to get up to speed on. However, we do offer step-by-step video tutorials, so you can take advantage of Talkia’s full functionality. 

Q: How does Talkia work?

A: Learn more here.

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