Voomly - How To Replace A Video And Keep The Old Video URL?

Modified on Fri, 6 Oct, 2023 at 7:23 AM

Using the Replace Video feature, you can replace an existing video and keep the original video URL or embed code. 


  1. Go to the video drive.
    • Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_12.00.38_PM.png
  2. Select the video you want to change by clicking on the 3 dots (top right corner of the video).
    • Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.29.05_AM.png
  3. Select replace video
    • Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.29.45_AM.png
  4. Upload new video from your desktop or choose existing video from your video drive
    • Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.31.35_AM.png
  5. You have the option to select/deselect the following:
    1. Keep old video: When selected, this will preserve the old video in your Video Drive so you can use it in the future. When this option is not selected, the new video will replace the old video, and only the new video will be available in your Video Drive.
    2. Keep old timeline items: When selected, this will preserve the timeline items from the old video and apply them to the new video. Some timeline items may not work as intended if the new video is a longer or shorter duration.
    3. Keep chapters: The new video will keep chapters of the old video.
    4. Keep comments: Keep comments for the old video in a new one.
      • Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.32.20_AM.png
  6. Click the replace video button. 


  • If you get an error after clicking the replace video button, please refresh the browser and then view the video. The video should actually be replaced without any issues. 
    • Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.36.01_AM.png
  • If the video that you are going to replace is part of an interactive video funnel, you will see this notification. 
    • Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.37.43_AM.png
  • If you choose to keep old video, a copy of the video will appear in your video drive as such, Original video title - Replaced
    • Screenshot_2023-03-02_at_11.47.39_AM.png

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