Doodly: Choose A Canvas Or Background

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There are several backgrounds or canvas you can choose from. We have added descriptions and potential uses for each options. 



  • Description: Mimics a traditional whiteboard with a bright, clean background.
  • When to Use: Educational content, tutorials, and instructional videos where clarity is key. Corporate presentations and explainer videos that require a professional look. Storytelling where a clear and simple backdrop is needed to highlight the visuals and text.

Dark/Green Chalkboard

  • Description: Features a dark, chalkboard-like background reminiscent of classroom settings.
  • When to Use: Educational settings that aim to evoke a nostalgic or traditional classroom feel. Restaurant or café promotions, where chalkboard menus are a common visual. Creative storytelling or poetry readings where white or colored chalk effects can add a unique aesthetic.

Glass Board

  • Description: Offers a transparent background that simulates writing on glass, with the drawing appearing to be facing the viewer directly.
  • When to Use: Innovative product launches or tech presentations to convey a modern, cutting-edge vibe. Creative marketing or advertising campaigns that benefit from a sleek and contemporary look. Any content where a fresh and unique visual approach is desired to grab and retain viewer attention.

Custom Background

  • Description: Allows for the use of custom backgrounds, which can be anything from a specific color to a branded background or a realistic setting.
  • When to Use: Brand-specific presentations where incorporating company logos, colors, and themes is important. Story-driven content that requires specific settings or backgrounds to tell the story effectively. Videos that target a specific audience or niche, where a tailored background can enhance relatability and engagement.

Green Screen Background

  • Description: While not always a default option in every whiteboard animation software, some tools offer a green screen feature for adding custom backgrounds in post-production.
  • When to Use: Projects that require dynamic backgrounds, which might change throughout the video. Videos that will be integrated into larger multimedia projects, where consistency with other video elements is crucial. Creative projects where the background plays a significant role in the storytelling or message delivery.

How To Select A Background

  1. On your dashboard, click on the scene settings button located on the right side on the screen. 
  2. On the popup screen, click on the toggle in the top left corner. 
  3. Select one of the background style: whiteboard, dark chalkboard, green chalkboard, or glassboard
  4. Or, select the gear icon to select a custom background.
    1. You can select a custom color or a custom image from your computer.
      • Here are some green screen HEX code options: #00b140, #008000, etc. 
  5. Once you have selected your background, click the apply button at the bottom right corner to save your changes. 

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