Voomly: Autoplay, Watch On Next Visit, Action On End Video Features

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Note: Autoplay and Watch on next visit cannot work at the same time. Only one feature can be turned on at one time.


Autoplay Feature

  1. Click on a video. 

  2. On the left side, go to general.

  3. On the right side of the screen, you can toggle on/off the autoplay feature. 

  4. There are two options:

    1. Start muted

      • Automatically start video without sound when someone lands on your page.

    2. Or, start with sound if possible.

      • Certain browsers do not support autoplay with sound. The video will autoplay with sound whenever possible.

  5. Click save

Watch on Next Visit

If a user leaves a page while watching a video, they can resume from where they left off on their next visit.

  1. Toggle off autoplay. 

  2. Check off allow to resume on future visits.

  3. Click save

Action on End

When the video ends, you can select what you want to happen. 

  1. Choose one of the options when the video ends.

    1. Pause on last frame

      • End video on the last frame.

    2. Reset to thumbnail

      • Shows the thumbnail that you have selected.

    3. Loop video

      • Restarts video over again.

    4. Or, redirect to a specific URL.

  2. Click save

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