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If you are unable to log into the billing portal, please try logging into the customer center. We are currently transitioning platforms so there are two different places a customer can log into to review their account information. 

In this article, we will go over the following topics: 


I cannot access the billing portal. I want to cancel the 14-day trial subscription.

To cancel your 14-day trial, please access your customer center. [Instructions] Sign in using the same email you use to make your purchase. 


I want to cancel my lifetime purchase and get a refund.

If you are within the 30-day refund period, we will be happy to provide you with a refund. Please reach out to support and include a copy of your purchase receipt


I paid for my purchase and did not get any mail.

Voomly's suite of products is software-based. Therefore, you will not receive anything in the mail. Please check your email for the login details. If you have not received it, please follow the information below to access your purchase.

Please download Voomly Cloud as it is the preferred way of signing into your Voomly account and all Voomly branded apps. Once you have installed Voomly Cloud, run the app, click forgot password to set a new password or sign in using the magic link. Here are the detailed instructions on how to log into Voomly Cloud.


How long does it take to get my refund?

Please allow 5-10 business days for funds to return back into your account. If you do not see the refund after 5-10 business days. Please contact your bank. 


It's 30 days after I made a purchase. How do I get a refund?

If you made your purchase more than 30 days ago, unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a refund. 


Where can I get an invoice?

For Voomly subscriptions like Voomly Cloud, Voomly Pro, please access your customer center to download a copy of your invoice. [Instructions]

If you are unable to access the customer center, please reach out to support with the following information and we will be able to process your request. 

Please provide at least 4 of the following information:

  1. Name on account
  2. Last 4 numbers of the payment card
  3. Payment card expiration date
  4. Date of purchase
  5. Billing Email
  6. Address
  7. Transaction number

I want to pause my subscription for a month.

Please cancel your account and re-subscribe using the same email when you are ready. 


How do I check if really paid twice?

You can check your order history by accessing the customer center [Instructions] or the billing portal [Instructions]. 

If you are unable to access any of the customer centers, please reach out to support with a copy of your purchase receipt and we will be happy to check your account for you.


I did not authorize these transactions. Please send a refund and cancel any further transactions.

The only way we can charge you is if you put in your payment card into the order form and submitted the form. If you see any charges that don't look familiar, please contact our support team and we can check your account. 


Do I own the product if I decide to cancel?

  • One Time Purchase: If you purchase a lifetime product, then you do not need to cancel as you will have lifetime access without any extra charges. 
  • Subscription: If you purchase a subscription, then you will not have access to the software after you cancel.

Please refer to our Terms Of Service for more details.  


How do I cancel a trial?

To cancel your trial, please sign in to the customer center [Instructions] using the email address you used to make your purchase. Once logged in, from the left-side menu, go to subscription and then click on the cancel icon by the product you wish to cancel. 

  • Screenshot_2023-02-20_at_3.12.12_PM.png


How do I know if I purchased a subscription? 

Please check your bank statement, if you are being charged monthly or yearly, you have a subscription purchase. In addition, you can also log into the customer center, or billing portal to view your purchase history.


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