Doodly: How do I customize audio within an project?

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We will go over the following: 

What type of audio files can be uploaded into Doodly?

  • At this time, Doodly is only compatible with .mp3 files. File types like .m4a or .bmp may cause export issues, so we recommend converting to .mp3 for best results.



  • Doodly is not able to support .wav, .m4a, or .bmp files. 
  • To optimize upload time and responsiveness, we recommend using audio files that are less than 10MB in size.


How do I import a custom audio file into a project?

  • To upload a custom audio file, navigate to the sound menu of your Doodly dashboard and click the blue+ symbol.
    • mceclip1.png
  • Select the sound file from your computer by clicking the browse filebutton.
    • mceclip2.png
  • Click continue to add the file. It will then be available for use within your Doodly account.

How do I add sound to my timeline?

Select your preferred audio file from the list then drag it to your desired location within the timeline.

  • mceclip3.png
  • mceclip4.png

How do I edit sounds?

  • To edit the starting point of an audio component, or align the start of the sound with a specific slide, add the audio to your video, and then drag your sound & place it so it lines up at the beginning of the slide you wish to have it play during!
    • mceclip5.png
  • To clip a sound, simply drag the end of the file to adjust the length
    • mceclip6.png
  • To fade in or out, right-click on the sound to select whichever you'd like to do.
    • mceclip7.png
  • Next, you will see a triangle appear at the beginning or end of the sound to indicate the segment of audio that will be faded.
    • mceclip8.png
      Note: To effectively apply the fade effect, make sure that it only covers a few seconds of the start/end of your audio clip, enough that it overlaps the waves. Do not excessively stretch the fade cone to cover the entire clip.
    • mceclip9.png


How do do I delete sounds?

  • To delete an audio component, please right-click on the sound that you want to remove and click on Delete.Once you confirm, the audio you initially selected will be removed from your Doodly video, and you can replace it accordingly.
    • mceclip10.png


How do I rename a sound? 

To rename the imported audio file, locate the desired file from the list of available audio files and right-click. This should give you the option to rename the imported file. 

  • mceclip11.png

Please note that only the imported audio files can be renamed. Preset audio cannot be renamed.


How do I add voiceover?

Voiceovers may be previously recorded and imported into Doodly, or you can use the built-in recording feature to add voiceover to your project.

  • If you are importing, please follow the steps above to import, then you will simply drag the file to the bottom area shown with a microphone.
    • mceclip12.png
  • To record voiceover, be sure you have a functional microphone on your device.


  • Next, click the + symbol at the bottom of the Settings menu.
    • mceclip13.png
  • Click on the microphone icon to start recording.
    • mceclip14.png
  • You will see the project preview open simultaneously so you can record the voiceover at the ideal pace for the video.
  • Plus, once you save the project, your recorded audio will be available for use within the Sounds Library & can be applied to any other Doodly video you create!

How do I preview a sound?

  • To  preview a sound from within the sound menubefore adding it to a project, simply click on the triangular play button to begin playback.
    • mceclip15.png


How do I cue a sound? 

  • To cue a sound that has already been added to the timeline, double-click within the sound file to begin playback.

  • Click on a position to preview. The audio will begin playing from that point forward which allows you to hear and view the clip.

How do I adjust the volume of sounds? 

  • To adjust the volume of an audio component, simply click on the speakericon for the sound you'd like to adjust.
    • mceclip0.png
  • This will open the volume menu for that specific sound, which features clickable volume settings.
    • mceclip1.png



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