Doodly: Exporting Your Doodly Videos

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 In this article, we will go over the following: 

Exporting a Video

To export your completed Doodly video, first open the video you would like to export.

  1. Then navigate to the actions menu (right-side) of your Doodly dashboard and select export.
    • mceclip0.png
  2. The export menu will appear, allowing you to select the desired export location, resolution, frames per second (FPS), and quality.
    • Please note, you have the options at the top:
      • Save on your computer: Export to your computer
      • Upload to Voomly Cloud: Export to Voomly Cloud where you can open the project within the Voomly application. 
  3. Once that is complete, click export to export the file the file to your desired location.


Please Note: The videos you create in Doodly will only have the components you choose to include. We do not include Doodly watermarks, logos, or ads on video files, so you can use them however you see fit! The creations are yours and yours alone.


More About Exporting Settings

File Format

Currently, the available Doodly output file types are MP4, OGG, MKV, and WebM.

  • mceclip7.png



There are several resolution options available: 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, Facebook & Instagram, and custom. With the custom resolution, you can click the the lock which allows you to change the width and height independently. 

Doodly allows you to export video files with varying Resolutions, Frames Per Second, and Quality settings which include:

ResolutionFrames Per Second (FPS)Quality
360p (640x360)24Low (62%)
480p (854x480)25Medium (76%)
720p (1280x720)30High (86%)
1080p (1920x1080)48Maximum (100%)
 CustomUp to 60Maximum (100%)


Please Note: The recommended export settings for doodle video files would be 480p at 30FPS and Maximum quality.


Troubleshooting Export issues

When exporting a Doodly video, you can expect an export speed of 3 minutes per minute of video (with average settings of 480p & 30 FPS). The longer and more complicated the video, the longer it will take to export. 


If you are having issues exporting your Doodly video we recommend checking the following:  

  • Imported audio file type - Certain audio files are not compatible with Doodly. Please click through to learn more about compatible audio file types.

  • Internet connection speed - As with all of the Doodly functions, internet speed is very important. A slow, weak signal, may cause the software to function slowly, or not respond at all! Please visit SpeedTest to check your internet speed, and you may want to contact your ISP to do more testing on your connection/router.

  • Export Settings - Changing the export settings such as Resolution, FPS and Quality may be necessary for a successful export. Please click through to learn more about export settings for Doodly projects.

  • Foreign/Special Characters - Changing the title may be necessary if certain foreign/special characters [such as backslashes (/) or symbols (@)] were used. Please click through to learn more about renaming a project that has foreign characters in the title.

  • Firewall Settings - Double check your firewall as this may prevent the video from exporting.

  • Export Destination - The destination location of the mp4 video can be changed during the export process, however, most devices have a standard/default location for downloads.

    • For Apple/Mac the default destination is the Movies folder.

    • For PC the default destination is the Desktop Libraries folder.

Please Note: More often than not, the file has in fact exported but may not be in the place you expected. Be sure to search your hard drive thoroughly. If you have tested all the above and are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support Team for assistance. 


Troubleshooting Video Playback Issues

Certain video players (i.e. Windows Media Player and VLC) display file names during video playback. If you export a Doodly video and see the name of your project when playing the video, please be aware that this is a feature of the video player and not part of the file itself.


If you upload your video to a site like YouTube or watch the video in another video player, this component will not be visible at all - to you or to any other viewers/potential customers!



How to Export Your Doodly Video

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