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Billing & Cancellation

Doodly: Cancellation
If you do decide that Doodly is not for you and want to cancel your acco...
Stephanie Stephanie
Doodly: What is the difference between the one-time fee offer and the monthly/annual subscription?
The only difference between the monthly/annual subscription and the sp...
Stephanie Stephanie
Doodly: How can I get an invoice for my purchase?
If you’re looking for an invoice for your purchase, we’re happy to help!...
Stephanie Stephanie
Doodly: I did not receive a receipt/payment confirmation for my purchase
If your purchase went through, and payment was processed, you should h...
Stephanie Stephanie
Doodly: I am trying to purchase Doodly but the payment failed!
  If you are trying to purchase Doodly and your payment is failing, pl...
Stephanie Stephanie
Doodly: How Do I Access The Billing Portal
You can manage your purchases in the billing portal.  Go to the billing...
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