Pyks: Downloading and Installing Pyks Pyks: Downloading and Installing Pyks

Pyks: Downloading and Installing Pyks

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Mac/Apple Systems

To use Pyks on a Mac, please be sure you are running OSX 10.10 or newer with at least 2GB RAM available and an active internet connection.


Please Note: 4GB+ RAM is recommended for best results when using Pyks. For Apple/Mac, there is only one version of Pyks available (OS X), however, it will function on any compatible devices.

Note: The Pyks Mac version is 64-bit


Windows/PC Systems 

To use Pyks on a PC, please be sure you are running Windows 7+ or newer with at least 2GB RAM available and an active internet connection.


To best prepare for the installation of Pyks on a PC/Windows device, you should first determine whether the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the software is appropriate, and download the corresponding version. 


If you are unsure of how to do so, please click through to learn more about that process: 32-bit version or 64-bit version?


Please Note: Windows XP will not work as it is no longer supported by Chrome. 4GB+ RAM is recommended for best results when using Pyks.


Where To Download Pyks

In order to download Pyks please proceed to the Member's Area where you will find Download links, and also training videos!


Opening Pyks on Your Desktop/Laptop

The Pyks software can be accessed directly from your device once you have downloaded and installed the application. For easy use, please add the Pyks software application icon to your device's desktop.



Please Note: Once you have downloaded Pyks once, you can continue to access it directly. If you are unable to locate the program, try searching your downloads, and programs/applications folder.


Updating Pyks

Pyks software updates will be available to all current members and are pushed through your internet connection  (which is why we require internet access for use).


While the information transfer is automatic, the software does require a restart in order for changes to take effect. 


If you receive a notification that an update is available for the Pyks software, please log out and exit the software entirely. Once you have done so, the software will process the update accordingly and any modifications will be available within your account upon your next login.


To verify the version of your Pyks software, please log in to your account. You will see a version listed at the top of your Pyks dashboard:


In a Mac/Apple


On a PC


If you notice that your Pyks software has not automatically updated to the latest version available, please log out of your account, exit the software entirely, and log back in. Once you have done that, as long as your internet connection is active you will receive a prompt to update shortly. If that does not happen within one or two minutes, you can always visit the Pyks Member's Area & download the latest version.


Please Note: Your saved work within Pyks will not be lost if you choose to download it again.


Troubleshooting Install and Download Issues

The Pyks software requires an active internet connection and a few other components to function properly. 


Many times when our members experience an installation issue, it is likely caused by one of the following: 

  • Download Version - Please be sure you have downloaded the correct instance of Pyks. For help with that, please click here!

  • Antivirus Software - If you have an instance of this running on your device please click through to learn more about AntiVirus software & Pyks.

  • Operating System Compatibility - Please review the requirements above for installation on a  PC/Windows and Apple/Mac.

  • Internet Connect Speed -  A slow, weak signal, may cause the software to function slowly, or not respond at all! Please visit SpeedTest to check your internet speed, and you may want to contact your ISP to do more testing on your connection/router.

  • Internet Security Issues - (i.e. an internet connection via a hotel, public library, conferences, etc) A secured, public network may not allow outside downloads. We recommend using a secure, personal network, simply because you have the ability to control the connection!

If you need further assistance, please reach out to our support team by clicking the Blue Support button at the bottom right corner of your screen.