Doodly: How do I customize video settings? Doodly: How do I customize video settings?

Doodly: How do I customize video settings?

Stephanie Stephanie



Changing the Name of the Video

There are 3 ways to rename your project in Doodly:


1. From the main screen, under the Projects tab, locate the video title you wish to rename then right-click on it and select the Rename option.


Type in your desired title and hit SAVE.


2. Launch the video that you are working on. Click Settings at the bottom left side of your screen beside the timeline.

Next, you will see the Video Settings menu. From the Video Settings screen, type in your desired title then hit Apply.


3. When you're working on a project navigate to the top where you will see Edit Video. Click anywhere within the name of the project to edit it as needed.


Changing the Background and Hand Style

  • Go to settings


  • Select your preferred background and hand style from the options available then hit Apply.


Choosing When the Video Ends

  • You can select if you'd like your video to end when the animation ends, or when both the audio and animation end

  • If you would like to extend a particular scene before it transitions to the next, you can specify the duration you prefer under “Extra time at the end” under the Scene Settings.
  • Once that is complete, click Apply to activate the setting and return to the main editor screen within Doodly.


Using the Smart Mode (to erase images)

The Doodly Smart mode feature allows Doodly to automatically add the erase animation which erases images that overlap with each other.


Please note that this feature is only available to certain illustrators/hand-styles.

  • To activate the auto-erase action within a Doodly project please click on the Settings button:


  • Next, you will see the Video Settings menu.  Please navigate to the Erase Mode drop-down. If the hand style has the Smarte mode feature available, you can select the setting within that dropdown. You can choose from 4 different Eraser Settings.
  • Once that is complete, click  Apply to activate the setting and return to the main editor screen within Doodly.


Changing the Transition In-between the Scenes

  • Select the "Settings" button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the timeline


  • You will then be brought to "Video Settings", navigate to the "Scene transition" section
  • Choose which transition you would like to use, and then select "Apply" to save your changes

  • You have now changed how your scenes transition!


Custom Backgrounds

There are 2 ways to add a custom background:


1. Open your video and click Settings which is located at the left side of your screen near the timeline.



Video Settings will pop up. From the Background Style, select Custom. 


Background section will show up. 


Select the color you wish to use or upload a custom image as a background.

2. You can also upload background per scene. To do this, select Scene Settings


Toggle to OFF the “Use board and hand style from video settings”.


Click Custom from Background Style, then choose your preferred color from the Background section. Select Apply after.