Doodly: How do I edit individual assets within a project? Doodly: How do I edit individual assets within a project?

Doodly: How do I edit individual assets within a project?

Stephanie Stephanie



Deleting an Individual Asset

  • Select the asset

  • Select Trash Can icon to delete the asset


You can also right click on the asset and delete.



Creating a Draw Path

  • Select the asset

  • Select the pencil icon


  • Select the plus sign under, "Tools"

  • Start to trace around the asset, selecting points as you go until you close around the asset

  • Select, "Save & return"



Creating a Second Draw Path

  • Select, "New pathin the bottom right corner of the screen and repeat the steps above

  • Always remember to select, "Save & return"


Loading draw paths for SVG uploads with embedded paths


If you have SVG images that already have draw paths embedded in them, you can simply load the paths instead of manually adding them again. To do so, upload your SVG image and insert it into a scene. Click the pencil icon above it.

In the next screen, go to the right panel, scroll down, and click Load SVG Paths


Turning Off Draw Paths

Draw paths are generally required for all images within Doodly, however, we do have a workaround/suggestion for members who are looking to have an image without an illustration component:


Once you import your image and add it to your current project Select the asset and navigate to "Edit Paths". 


Next, on the first path that does not have points, add a single point.


Delete any other draw paths, by selecting the path and clicking the "Red Trashcan" icon in the tools section. 


Select "save & return".


Finally, on the scene - set the duration of the asset to 0.5. That will simply pop the image into existence at 0.5 seconds and the image will remain on the screen until the scene changes!


Adjusting the Exit Animation

  • Simply click on the gear above the asset, this will allow you to adjust the enter and exit animation for the next scene


Copying and Pasting

  • By using the copy and paste hotkeys that correlate to your particular computer type, you can copy images from scene to scene AND/OR within the same scene

  • Control+C(copy) /Control+V(paste) on PC

    Command+C(copy) /Command+V(paste) on Mac


Layering Assets

  • Click on the item you wish to edit. This will reveal the Icon Menu for the specific asset you are working with. Next, and choose the left icon to move the layer backward or the right icon to move the layer forward. 



Bonus Tips!

  • For small adjustments, you can move images around in a scene using the arrow keys! This is great when precision is important

  • For slightly larger movements, hold down shift before navigating with the arrow keys!