Voomly: Can I embed via iFrame? Voomly: Can I embed via iFrame?

Voomly: Can I embed via iFrame?

Chee Chee

Yes, when you select the Embed Code for your video content you will have the option to select iframe if needed.

  1. Go to the video drive
    • Screenshot_2023-03-06_at_12.00.38_PM.png
  2. On the video, click on the 3 dots.
    • Screenshot_2023-03-20_at_6.39.20_AM.png
  3. Click on get embed code
    • Screenshot_2023-03-20_at_6.50.00_AM.png
  4. Click on the iframe option and then click on the copy to clipboard button. 
    • Screenshot_2023-03-20_at_6.51.19_AM.png


  • Some sites support only iframe embed players. Not all player functionality may work correctly with the iframe.
  • You can also copy the embed code without iframe by deselecting the iframe option and clicking the copy to clipboard button.
    • Screenshot_2023-03-20_at_6.54.59_AM.png
  • You can also share video by using the share link within the video drive. 
  • There can also embed videos from the interactive videos