Voomly Cloud - How To Find Voomly Cloud Logs on Mac Voomly Cloud - How To Find Voomly Cloud Logs on Mac

Voomly Cloud - How To Find Voomly Cloud Logs on Mac

Chee Chee

If the Voomly Cloud app is not launching after you have uninstalled and reinstalled it, there may be a bigger issue that we need to investigate. Please provide us with the Voomly Cloud log files on your computer so that we can investigate further.



  • Have the latest version of the Voomly Cloud downloaded
  • Mac OS


  1. Install the latest version of Voomly Cloud.
  2. If the reason you are trying to get the logs is that you are unable to open an app inside Voomly Cloud, please go to that app and install it again. If it's already installed, please uninstall it and re-install it. 
      • If you are still unable to install and launch the app within Voomly Cloud, continue with the instructions below to get the Voomly Cloud logs.
  3. Open finder.
    • Screenshot_2023-04-07_at_1.52.54_PM.png
  4. While in the finder window, click the keys shift + command + g
  5. A window will appear, copy and paste this: ~/Library/Application Support/Voomly Cloud and click enter
    • Screenshot_2023-04-17_at_10.50.49_AM.png
  6. Next, scroll down to search for the logs folders. There should be 2 log files in the folder.  
    • Screenshot_2023-04-17_at_10.53.26_AM.png
  7. Right-click on the logs folder, and select compress "logs"
    • Screenshot_2023-04-17_at_10.55.05_AM.png
  8. logs.zip file will be created. 
    • Screenshot_2023-04-17_at_10.57.56_AM.png
  9. Attached the logs.zip file to your email and send it to our support team.