Absolutely! When working in the course you will see the Timeline tab where you will have the opportunity to configure the Drip Feed for your courses.

On the right-hand side you will have your Timeline Settings

Note: The Global timeframe is the timeframe that the course is available to all of your students. The Per-student timeframe is how long the course is available to that student after their enrollment date. Keep in mind that if both are enabled the Global timeframe will supersede the Per-student timeframe.

To move the sections of your course into place to be dripped on a given date hover over the left-hand side of the course content which will bring up this icon <--> so that you can move it into place.

You will then have the option of dragging the course content into place to indicate when it should be released to your students. 

Note: If you would like to move multiple portions of your course at one time you can use shift + drag. 

Based on the settings of the drip feed your course content will appear like the example below when your students are logged into the course.