Absolutely! Navigate to the courses-->select edit on the right-hand side-->course tab and in your course modules you will have the option to include one or more quizzes if needed.

To edit the details of the quiz click on the name which in the example above is "Quiz" or you can rename the title of the quiz by hovering over the quiz tab and navigating to the pencil icon.

Once you've selected the quiz you wish to edit you will be presented with several options such as indicating if the quiz is required or not, adding questions as well as, answers. Be sure to use the save option at the top right-hand side when completed.

Note: The quizzes can be arranged in any order you prefer by dragging and dropping the tab up and down as needed.

Setting the Quiz Pass/Fail percentage

To set the pass/fail percentage for a course navigate to the Settings tab for that course and at the bottom you will find the option to configure the Graduation Condition.