The videos in our existing tutorial shows an older version of Voomly. The interface to manage funnel videos was updated to what you see now. It is better optimized to edit the timeline and allows for more customization than the previous one. Our development team is aware of this and we hope for the new video tutorials to be available soon.

You can see a demo showing how you can use the funnel to direct to your other videos here.

As seen in the video, I wanted to have the question and the buttons come up at around the 7-second mark. You can simply move the cursor to the point then drag over a text box for the question and 2 buttons which lead to a corresponding video. They'll all appear in the timeline at the same time.

You can always edit the text/button properties to make it look better and even have it pause the video/dim, but for the purpose of the demo, I left it as default and simply edited the text to show the selection.

Add your question in the text field. You can then set the button action to Play video. This lets you incorporate the current video to others you added in the funnel. Click Save then Back to the funnel screen. You should now be able to connect the first video to others depending on what the viewer chooses.

You can repeat the same process throughout and connect to other videos or loop back to the beginning.

We've recently added the Grid function. It automatically adds the text and buttons into the canvas and you can edit it to your preference.